Leadership Development

Unlearn old habits, while learning new skills

Old school learning and development programmes just don’t work and waste time and money. Research claims that individuals retain only 10% of traditional learning. This means, that 90% of your training budget is wasted.

Our research shows that by using our proven AURA approach, middle and senior managers retain more than 70% of learning and can apply it sustainably. Our learning programmes start with an Assessment, and take individuals through a process of Unlearning, Relearning and Application, to help them act with purpose.

Bite-sized leadership and management modules run alongside one-to-one coaching, to ensure that individuals unlearn old habits, change their behaviour and have the confidence to apply what they have learned. 

Experiential unlearning and coaching, supports individuals and teams with their personal development, accelerates their careers and improves engagement.

We have designed, delivered and facilitated leadership training for ABN-Amro Bank, Deloitte, Cisco Systems, GE Capital, UBS Bank and Northern Trust, amongst others.

We also deliver 60-minute workshops at client locations:

  • Visualising Success
  • Personal Branding
  • Breaking through Impostor Syndrome
  • Managing the Art of Time
  • Improving self-confidence, etc.

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