This is what my clients say:

References“Helen offers vast experience from different work and industry sectors. Her main objective is to provide a nudge for the coachee to be able to see the best way forward to handle complex situations. Helen provided great context for our discussions, also reminding me about previous discussions; so I couldn’t ignore the facts. I am happy to have worked with Helen and I can strongly recommend her as a coach.”
Managing Director – EY, Germany

“Life teaches us to struggle and pursue our dreams and this year, I fulfilled mine. Thank you Helen, for contributing with your grain of sand and for supporting me during the long process. It has meant a lot to me and I’ll never forget everything you have done for me.”
Associate – GE Capital, UK

“I have been working with Helen during my transition away from my long term employer. Helen has helped me identify what my priorities are at this time in my life, how transferable my skills are and how much I have to offer other industries and organisations.”
Director – Cisco, Australia

“Helen worked effectively with the senior leadership team to help them set priorities to support their business and corporate objectives. Helen is strategic. collaborative and also great fun to work with.”
Director – Cisco, Hong Kong 

“My initial apprehension about coaching was quickly dispelled. Helen’s warmth, professionalism  and confidentiality provides the freedom and security to express thoughts. Helen has a natural rapport that challenges your views, but also demonstrates understanding and empathy. It was a genuine pleasure to be coached by Helen.”
COO – Charity Sector, UK.

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