With so many trainers and coaches out there, why would you choose to work with me?

Helen Martin established the company to support middle & senior managers to become emotionally intelligent and purpose-driven leaders.

I develop and deliver a combination of leadership and management training and one-to-one coaching, to ensure that professionals unlearn old habits, while gaining confidence to apply new skills.

With experience advising leaders of global organisations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the UK, I understand the pressures inherent to international business, managing and working in multi-cultural teams and the challenges faced by expatriates. I have worked across many industries such as professional and financial services, IT & technology, legal, oil & gas, automotive, facilities management, etc.

My approach to coaching is underpinned by positive psychology and is solutions and action-driven to change behaviour. I work with organisations, teams and individuals to understand personal and business requirements to develop coaching, mentoring and training programmes that drive behavioural change and improve the bottom-line.

The key metrics for success from coaching are not the tools and techniques learned, as these will become obsolete over time. The value of coaching and training reside in the mental tools an individual learns that helps them to navigate toward success.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you reach your goals and objectives.